Tsvetelina Enevska, VTU Todor Kableshkov (Болгарія)


Hello , my name is Tsvetelina Enevska, i am from Bulgaria, and I study in Higher School of Transport "Todor Kableshkov",which gives me many oppurtunities like this Erasmus+ and this is amazing experience for young people to learn new things and meet new people from different part of the world ! This year I was in Poland in The International University of Logistics and Transport in Wrocław.


There we had 8 interesting subjects with very good teachers, who had perfect English and perfect presentation at class. We had also guest-teachers from another countries . I think this university gives you a lot of different knowledges and oppurtunities, because of his lecture system . If I had a chance I will come back there to study and work !


Wroclaw is so beautiful town,with many universities,many places for fun and meetings, and so much different people from many countries, that’s give you a perfect chance to meet with students,to learn another cultures and make a good friends ! I am in love in this town and I never forget this experience, this was one of the best months in my life!


Thank you for this chance, Erasmus+ is the best way to make a unforgettable memories for life and to learn ! I hope everybody who can to do this and going in Erasmus,and Poland is very good choice !




Ralitsa Temelakieva, VTU Todor Kableshkov (Болгарія)


I am Ralitsa Temelakieva- an Erasmus student from Sofia, Bulgaria. I study logistics in VTU "Todor Kableshkov".


For MWSLIT I can say that teachers and professors there are very good. Every time they are well prepared with their lectures- most of them have presentations for every lesson. I learned a lot from them and I am happy that I met them.


Wroclaw is perfect city for students and especially Erasmus. There are beautiful parks, gardens and the city center is full of breathtaking views. These gothic style buildings are very interested for foreigners. There are also very interesting cathedrals and bridges. I noticed that almost every weekend there is some event in Wroclaw- concert or something else. I wish I can come again one day.




Sueda Salmaner, Istanbul Kemerburgaz University (Туреччина)


I am Sueda Salmaner. I was a Erasmus student almost one year in Wroclaw. First, I came her for one semester but i really like Wroclaw and that's why i decided to stay one more semester. Wroclaw is a really good city. Especially, my favorite features of Wroclaw are its silence and calmness. Normally I live in Istanbul and after Istanbul, Wroclaw was a holiday for me. I am really glad to live in there. And also I am really happy to meet our friends. We have new and great friendships. And , I can suggest to everybody to see there.







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